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No motives yet

Various articles still report no motive. According to one article, family and friends wanted to speak but were denied the opportunity, during the bond hearing, and I suspect that's normal for them to not be allowed to speak. Considering his drug use during his prison term, it's entirely possible that this was a robbery. Which isn't surprising either considering that he was arrested in NY for his participation in a crime spree that involved robbery. Even an argument could have led to the murders, though that argument could have been over a large range of issues. Nor would I automatically rule out the "Parents" having been very innocent. After all, in many cases of stories about young people committing crimes, people are ready to blame the Parents for having raised their kids badly. So, it wouldn't be a surprise either if this were a case of bad Parents raising a bad kid and the bad kid coming back and finally "dealing with them". Doesn't make it right, but still a probablity. At this point ANYTHING is possible. And I'm seriously laughing at the arguments that more capital punishment for every possible crime will actually reduce crime. Capital Punishment has been around in one form or another for centuries. It hasn't stopped crime and it never will. Especially with individuals who either are well aware they can only be executed once, no matter how much crime they commit, individuals who feel there is no other option, or individuals who just don't care what the end result is. Andrew


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