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Gerry Altman

What happened is horrible. None of us know the circumstances, the hows or whys. Where he is from is irrelevant. However, if anyone has paid attention, you will notice he "grew" up in the prison system. Our prison systems do not teach people how to live once they leave in the real world. Yes, he was in trouble in prison. Bet most of you guys would have been to if you had been put in a maximum prison as a young man. Three lives are over with, ended. I am certain the court system will put him back the only place he learned how to live over the last 13 years of his life. Actually records show he was in the system from the age of 15. Reform, education, transition. We would be better off imposing the death penalty if we aren't going to teach people how to be productive members of society when they are released. That is not what is taught in prison. Again, no one knows the facts. A horrible tragedy has occurred that has affected many lives, friends and relatives. What can we learn to make changes to try to prevent things like this? Do we just release prisoners back in to society with no counseling or any courses taught to them so they don't go back to what the "know" or what the "learned" in prison?


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