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Good Parents

I have to respond to the comment about the possibility that his parents were "bad". I was Gerry's teacher for a couple years during his time in high school. His mom and Jim were very involved in his education and obviously cared an awful lot for him. The wanted to do anything possible to help him make the right choices and grow to be respectable. Laura took on parent roles at school. Through the years we worked together for Gerry, she showed pride in Gerry's accomplishments and encouraged him to do well. He had taken an interest in writing stories for children and she worked with him at home to persue this interest. I saw his mom occasionally after he was incarcerated and she commented about Gerry's bad choices, showing obvious disappointment, but also demonstrated her love for him and hope for his future. She conveyed my messages to Gerry that he was thought of and he responded with a letter to me from prison. He was disappointed in himself, and at that time wanted to turn his life around and possibly help others. He said that he was able to help just one young person to go striaght, then this (his time in prison) would have some purpose. I knew Gerry well whn he was a "young teen" and knew that he had a heart and good intentions. He did make bad choices and was often in trouble in school. My heart goes out to this family and I am still floored by what has happened. I just want you all to know that this is not a case of uncaring or "bad" parents who did not do everything they could to help this young man find his way. From what I knew of the amily then, it is completely the opposite, and therefore even more tragic.


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