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Why do we kill?

We execute murderers for several reasons. This country was founded on religious principles, including those from the Old Testament. The Old Testament is the foundation of 3 of the world's largest religions: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. That's a LOT of people that recognize "an eye for an eye." We execute murderers as a deterrent. Think about it: If every single person in this country KNEW without doubt that they would be put to death if convicted of murdering someone, then I do believe homicide rates would go down. We execute murderers to find some measure of justice and closure for the victims left behind. Yes, I know that not all victims believe in the death penalty. However, even for those who don't believe in it, there has to be some closure in knowing that the convicted murderer will never kill anyone else's father, mother, child, etc. Propriety prevents me from disclosing what I know about the circumstances of these 2 murders. However, I can safely say that if you knew about them, you would not be saying something as ridiculous as "how do you know that these people didn't deserve to die". You're right that "people, parents, authority figures, law enforcement, etc." aren't always the picture perfect examples of good behavior. The flip side of that particular arguement is that criminals - especially those convicted of crimes as horrific as these - usually are a picture perfect example of the ultimate sociopath that has no regard for society as a whole or even their own family...and I for one do NOT want such a demon living in the same world that my family does.


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