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for the grammar lesson! The school doesn't talk about it because they don't want any future students or parents who would send their child to the school to know about how little they do to protect their students. And they certainly don't inform new residents of where to go and not to go. But on that same token, people should investigate and do research before moving into a complex. Call the local law enforcement agencies to find out all they can about criminal activities in the area. Another problem is the property management company probably doesn't do anything about the Riff Raff who live there. My husband used to be a property manager. Even if someone had been arrested for a felony they weren't allowed to rent from them. But Campus Edge probably doesn't have the same standards. All they care about is getting the money. And I agree a lesson in safety and management would be better but the problem is that people don't call and report crimes. They don't because a) they are criminals themselves b) they fear retaliation c) the police don't have the resources to follow up on everything. Even when law enforcement does follow up, everything they do is criticized because some criminals rights were 'violated' or some junk like that! Or because our City Police Chief and County Sheriff can't get past their petty differences and work together. Instead they are constantly trying to one up the other. Its ridiculous and childish!


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