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North Carolina Insurance Increases

Well I betta ol Surf City Tom is dancing around like mad now...over whelemed with joy that the insurance companies are sticking it to us the poor folks who are required by law to be insured again. His insight about having to Pony up to the plate in another article on here really ticked me off. I mean what does he think we pay insurance dang sure ain't no investment in my future or my kids. By the way I personally would like for this Surf City Tom, the representitive of the insurance companies to tell all of us readers what is the value of a life by his client, the insurance companies standards. I mean I'm 26 years old so what I am worth? I mean they want us to continually pay increased rates right, does this mean we are more valuble than ten years ago? Personally I think someone needs to step up and tell insurance companies what they can charge and the we the insured set the limits on what the claim limits should be. Figure out how much you pay for insurance in a lifetime versus the amount we all save for our retirements and children's college funds. Maybe like taxes proposals there should be a flat rate you pay for insurance. Maybe the new insurance commissionor can change things and make insurance rates decrease instead of increasing. Well I've voiced my opinion. Now off to work so I can make money to pay my insurance premiums.


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