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Accounting 101

What in the world does what you pay for auto insurance have to do with how much you save for retirement? One is a necessary expenditure, the other is categorized as investment/savings. I'm sure I, too, would love it if I could tell State Farm what my premiums will be and what they'll pay me on a claim, but this is Real Life on Planet Earth, not Fantasy Island. Your insurance premiums are generally what YOU make of them. (It has nothing to do with your general value as a human being, or the value of the guy wou hit.) Get in a few wrecks, drive 2008 Corvette, or get a DUI and I'm sure that it becomes QUITE an expenditure. Drive a ten year-old vehicle, have no wrecks or DUIs, and I can 100% guarantee you that you can have a policy with liability coverage far above the minimum for about $400 a year. BTW, one of the reasons that insurance is so expensive in this state is because the Insurance Commissioner has had far too much influence over rates. Too much governmental regulation stifles competition, and we have a very non-competitive insurance market in NC.


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