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We get something in return, Das

"Taking money" cannot be lumped into one category of bad. State Farm has kissed my fanny the three times I had a homeowner's claim. After Fran, the adjuster had to go back to his car to get some additional zeros to add to the check. Money we pay for insurance premiums not only helps us in a disaster, but it helps move the entire economy. Do you think they simply sit on their cash reserves? When municipalities and companies float bonds to build water treatment plants or factories, who do you think buys them? Pension funds, investment firms, INSURANCE COMPANIES.... A LOT of insurance money provides short term operating capital (bridge loans of 30-90 days)that serves as the grease for our economic engine. You saw what happened to our economy when those loans dried up last Fall. On the other hand, when the government raises my taxes, the benefit depends on how the money is being used. That is rarely a good deal. Right now, for example, Obama's porkulus plan calls for a $1000 increase in child credit EVEN FOR PEOPLE WHO MAKE TOO LITTLE TO PAY INCOME TAXES. That means that we increase EIC, and the money that he takes from me will go directly to some deadbeat who doesn't even contribute to the support of this country. That's direct, pure, Socialist wealth redistribution. We are rewarding people who have neither earned nor deserve reward. See the difference? It's as simple as Capitalism v Socialism....or in Obama's case, Communism. Sure - I'd LOVE it if State Farm gave me free auto insurance and charged me $100 a year for the coverage I have on my home. But at least with them, I get SOMETHING in return, even if it's only peace of mind 99% of the time. The only thing I'm getting from Obama and the Pelosi Congress is the slow unveiling of their plan to destroy America as we know it.


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