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Anybody ever heard of the saying "It takes a community to raise a kid" ??? I don't understand why people would put up a fight over this. It's not like they are going to be putting 20 trailers on a small lot. The house won't be an eyesore. These kids need help. They need a place to live because their other option is on the streets or behind bars. The community as a whole should be pitching in to help these kids out. Nobody wants to help troubled kids anymore. It's like "oh, they're troublesome.. they're a lost cause". No kid is a lost cause. We, as a community, should try our hardest to help them overcome their problems and become good adults. Their current neighbors have said that they've had no problem from these kids. So what's the real issue here?? Show some support to our troubled youth people. They NEED us. Has it really come to this? To people turning their backs on children? This is disgusting. Everybody fighting this should be ashamed of themselves. How would YOU feel if you were in their shoes? Or, if you were a parent behind bars and this is the only option for your kid until you get out? You should welcome these kids with open arms. Volunteer at the house. Get to know them. That way, when they turn their lives around you can smile and say "I helped do that". What greater reward?


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