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How dare any of you second guess the situation? As the mother of two law enforcement officers and the aunt of several others (including one serving on the Wilmington Police Department) I know how dangerous the job is. I dread the thought one day it might be my son or nephew that needs back up. How would you feel if it was your father/brother/sister/mother /son or daughter serving on the police force? My guess is you would want a brother in blue to respond as quickly as possible. Was this public enemy number one? I don't know… but with the gang problems in Wilmington- there was reason to suspect the worse case senario. And in case you don't know- gang members and drug dealers are ruthless SOBs. They don't care who they hurt- whether it is your child playing in the yard or the law enforcement officer that stops their car. And if it was gang related- MS13 maybe- you are talking about criminals without a moral conscious. Unfortunately when someone carries a concealed weapon they don't glow green. Signs don't flash and point to them. Every stop must be treated as if it will turn lethal. So until people with concealed weapons glow in the dark- every office must take all precautions necessary. And DON'T second guess. You aren’t out there putting your life on the line. RIP- my heart goes out to his family to include his police family. A sad day for everyone.


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