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Your comment on police

Your comment on police officers exceeding the posted speed limit while answering a call for help from a fellow officer concerns me. In reading your comment I get the feeling that you have the same attitude as much of the general population, public safety officers should obey all traffic laws until (I NEED THEM). You are most likely one of those people that find it to be very inconvient for the Fire Dept. to block traffic during an automobile accident. If you or a loved one were in the need of help I am quite sure that you would expect there to be no delay from a Police Officer or a Firefighter. Every day when these men and women go to work they are first and foremost concerned with their safety and the safety of fellow Officers or Firefighters. Their next priorty is the safety of the public they serve. This is a very close second. These men and women that choose to serve should be held in the highest reguards, just as most of us hold our nations military personel. They work long hours for little compensation and in sometimes adverse conditions. I feel fairly certain that on Wednesday morning when the Officer lost his life you as I were home safe in our beds, and the reason we are able to sleep so soundly is because of the work these Public Safety Officers do. Something that has come to my attention while I have been typing this response is how quickly the American Public forgot the 343+ Public Safety Officers who layed down their lives on that September morning in 2001. So in closing I ask you to remeber all the men and women who keep us and our families safe here at home, and the next time you see one on the street stop and think how lucky we all are to have such fine men and women who are willing to sacrfice their own lives in order to save a fellow human being.


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