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After moving to this side of the river in 2000, it became clear that the city of Wilmington was on a quest to annex chunks of the county. It seems that the county and city are in competition for the almighty dollar from taxable sources such as retail stores, businesses, restaurants and tourism,not to mention the residents. It would seem that the city is the bully on the playground and has our states permission to steal the apples out of our county's lunch box.
You and I as well as businesses gauge our progress on not only how much we make but how much is left over. This would be profit or savings and a indication of success. We operate our families or business based on the these amounts. The city only needs to annex more of the county to facilitate their grab for real estate and taxes. Annexation will help finance the millions needed for the expansion of parks, convention center and other city amenities.
This will someday come to an end when the city runs out of other people's money. Our only hope for a respite would be the success of the convention center. That might take the attention away from the county's dwindling pocketbook.


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