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to 1st, 2nd, and turd

I would suggest if you are going to "throw them out" you come up with better folks? Who Lanasal? Curtis "default of mortgages" Wrong? George Rageon? No, sorry folks,we need more than hypocritical naysayers who do nothing more than say what others don't do, we need the folks that do. We have that for the most part on our council. Hell, even padgett, who has been there to long and lord knows tries to run things rather than be a council member, at least listens and understands that it is more than complaining...its about working togthere, looking at the needs of ALL the citizens, and not just doing what is right today, but what is right for the future as well! And no, I am not a council person or any other elected official. I am someone who loves this community with all my heart and abhores those who wish to tear it down. If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem, so if you wish to be like those on the sidelines as described above, have at it and all the anger and meanness that comes with it. The rest of us will, as our Mayor puts it, "take an interest in our government" and work towards making the best for all concerned.


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