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Is violence a means to an end at this school? Pointless question, and it has no merit, in my opinion. Have incidents occurred there? Yup. Have incidents occurred at other locations in the city and the county? Heck yeah. Answer me this: Which have you heard about more: Problems in the city and county, or problems at Williston? brainer. A BETTER question might be...does this generation of young people recognize and value anything besides fighting, violence, and resisting authority? Like another commenter noted here, I also attended Williston, 1982-1985. I can assure you that School Resource Officers were not present then because they WERE NOT NEEDED. After all...why have deputies in EVERY school if there's no need for them? I will agree with part of your statement, however. Violence itself never solves anything. Violence STARTS problems. The School Resource Officer and the faculty member would not have intervened had the students in attendance not gotten out of control. Pepper spray was used to stop their actions. Would it have been better for them to let it go on and have a person wind up SERIOUSLY injured or worse? Thank goodness we have deputies and SRO's on premises these days. They are CLEARLY needed in order to deal with the current generation of students. It is precisely BECAUSE they are on site that I honestly believe your child will be safe. Our SRO's and ALL of our law enforcement officials will see to it that those bent on mayhem and destruction WILL NOT PREVAIL. I also wish this current generation knew that violence is NOT the answer to ANY issue. Like you, my prayers go out to ALL involved. I pray the kids will see that violence will NOT be tolerated, and I pray that they will abandon practicing it. I pray that parents will once again start teaching their kids that fighting is NOT the answer and to start respecting laws and expectations of good behavior. I pray that one day, School Resource Officers will no longer be needed because kids no longer show their immature behinds. I pray that those currently serving as School Resource Officers are not haunted by what they see and hear on a daily basis from our young people.


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