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I totally agree with you.

First, let me preface this by noting that I totally agree with you. You are 100%, dead-on when you note "We all have the same rights and responsibilities." Second, I'm not sure that turning this into a TOTALLY racial issue is the way to be understood here. It largely serves to polarize white and black, and that really won't solve the very basic issue at heart here. If blacks view your comments as racially motivated, they will automatically be discounted and then nothing moves forward. It's time parents EVERYWHERE begin to once again take responsibility. Teach your children right from wrong. Teach them that if they act outside of the law, there WILL be consequences. Teach them that while we ALL make mistakes - sometimes HUGE ones - we must ALL take responsibility for our actions. Racial tensions have made great strides towards extinction with the inauguration of our first African-American President. Therefore, African-Americans can no longer claim that they are held back from reaching the top. No, I did NOT vote for him. Nonetheless, I want him to be successful and be remembered for more than just his race. It seems clear to me that most Americans want to move forward with improved race relations, otherwise, how would Obama have become President? Race is NOT the major issue that it once was (in my opinion.) In my opinion, the greatest INTERNAL issue facing everyone in this nation is TAKING PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY for your own actions. THANK YOU, lessonhere, for stating something that most in our country would be too afraid to point out.


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