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Report cards

I've also had experience with Williston. However, I'll let you do the research. One good place to get relatively neutral information is the New Hanover County Schools website under the school report cards. Williston has had a violent past. Suspensions and even Expulsions are high. Were those suspensions/expulsions equal to what acts they were for? I'll let you decide as any number of posters will have varying opinions and experiences with that. When my son was preparing for 6th grade, we were in the Williston district. After research, I decided to apply for him to go to another school. The choice was either Virgo (which would have provided him school bus transportation) or another school (which would not have provided transportation). Virgo has/had a low population in comparison to other schools. This is actually a plus from my perspective. Unfortunately, when we visited the area, on a weekend, we weren't pleased with the neighborhood. Many much older kids were hanging around. Perhaps it was unreasonable of us, bet we decided that the school didn't look all that safe. Roland Grise had a population closer to Williston, but we'd have to provide transportation. Still, at the time, that was an option. I applied for the lottery (I keep forgetting if it's Open Choice or Open Enrollment that you're required to provide transportation). But didn't win that year. My son ended up going to Williston for his 6th grade year. Things were not pleasant, but we suffered through it. Again, others will have different experiences, so I'll let you make up your own mind. I filed again for my son's 7th grade year to go to Roland Grise and succeeded. Unfortunately, a few months after starting, something happened having nothing to do with the school that eliminated my son's transportation options. My son loved Roland Grise and we both hated to have to find another option for him, but suffice it to say that he no longer goes there. But my son's limited experience, and MY limited experience with Roland Grise was very positive. We hated that he had to transfer elsewhere. Do the research properly and make your decision. But remember, applying for the lottery doesn't guarantee success. Andrew


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