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This is a great idea!

I own stock in Wabtec. Other than that it's total nonsense! It makes the convention center look like a brilliant idea. No Raleigh resident is going to take a train to Wilmington for vacation, then spend a week or two having to take taxis or buses everywhere they want to go. They're going to DRIVE here and use their car to get around. No out-of-state conventioneers are going to say, "Hey, let's get off the plane in Raleigh and take the train to Wilmington!" Does anyone know of a passenger line in the country that is self sufficient and doesn't suck up millions in taxpayer dollars every year? Passenger rail went broke and vanished in this country for two reasons: Jet aircraft and the Interstate Highway System. To emphasize that point, remember that Amtrack has NEVER made a profit. Last time I looked, there's a pretty nice interstate at our doorstep that can get you to Raleigh in about two hours....and gas can rise to $5.00 a gallon before I'll park my car down in THAT part of town. If this is some phony-baloney jobs creation program, I shudder to think of the cost per job created....


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