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Text Scam

I too received this text message in January of this year. However, I have Verizon and it came thru as a "Pix" message instead of a traditional text. I opened because I have a friend who will often send me picture messages and didn't even realize it was from an unknown source. Believing this was a scam I just deleted the message, I would never call someone inquiring about my credit card information. However, the next day I had a charge on my debit card for $34.84 from a company that I didn't recognize. I also had a $1.50 international service fee on my debit card as a transaction fee. After some research I found that this same exact thing happened to many people and the charges were coming from the owners of (a site that I have never visited). I was able to dispute the charges with my bank and my money was refunded and my debit card canceled. However, I am unsure how they were able to get my information via a Pix message on my phone that I did not respond to. I did what everyone tells you to do and ran a credit report a few weeks later just to be safe. But last night I got a call that now someone was trying to use my Mastercard credit card in New York. Had to have that card canceled too. Has anyone else heard of this happening?? I am very concerned that these people have more information about me than I realize and this will be an ongoing issue.


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