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COME ON....the insurance companies MAKE LOADS of money in cycles. Some years suck, some years don't. THEY decided to get in the insurance business and take the risks. Preparing for a "Katrina" like disaster that just WILL NEVER HAPPEN HERE is RAPING the consumers in this state. NOTHING LIKE KATRINA WILL EVER HAPPEN HERE...MAINLY because we don't live under water. Damages..YES...but they have ALREADY gotten a HUGE increase for the damages part...PLUS now get this hurricane deductible thing which is tantamount to RAPE as well. There have been PLENTY of hurricanes and tropical storms that have hit INLAND as far in as the mountains that have done MOUNDS more damage than the coast experiences. My rates shouldn't go up simply because I live in NHC...I live away from the beach...His job IS to protect the consumers in the state...and he isn't doing that by singling out certain areas.


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