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Nothing like Katrina?

Let's hope not, but think back to Fran and Floyd. They were average hurricanes. What do you think will happen when we get hit by a Category V storm? The problem is that coastal communities are dense-packing million-dollar McMansions, so that even an average storm becomes a financial super-storm. The formulas to compute required income for two-hundred houses don't work when you're insuring two-thousand, even when the risk is identical. There are two reasons why cash reserves are dangerously low: * The current economy, specifically regarding low or no income from short-term paper and devaluation of fixed income holdings * Too many years of mega-payouts in the past decade. Care to guess what the Western fires and Midwest floods cost in 2008? Now you may not like the fact that you're covering their losses, but the fact is that unless the pots get refilled, there simply isn't going to be cash to pay you when you need it the most. I'm no fan of the Beach Plan just because I'm just as cheap as all of you complaining, but like I said, do away with the plan and the costs simply get passed on to every homeowner in the state. Sure, Hugo trashed Charlotte and Fran hit Raleigh hard, but the fact is that for every storm they get, the coastal communities probably see a dozen or more.


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