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WilmingtonMaj, your question is a legitimate one and deserves a respectful reply. Each day that a law enforcement officer goes to work he knows that he may never return home. He has made that choice and realizes that his job is not the same as most. Every day hat a law enforcement officer DOES go home, there is a small part of him that celebrates the fact that he did NOT die as the result of some stupid set of circumstances that any "routine call" can spawn. If one of YOUR protectors were to die, in the middle of the night, as a result of doing his job, he (and his law enforcement brothers) deserve the time to take part in the "pomp and pageantry". It gives the other officers the chance to appreciate that going to work the next day could result in the ultimate forfeit in doing the job they chose which is doing all that they can to shelter you, your property and your family. This particular officer gave his life when he opted to respond and support another officer who was doing his job of keeping drugs off of the streets of your community. "Pomp and pageantry" would be one way to describe it. However, I think it could be summed up with one word............ respect.


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