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You have to be kidding me

You have to be kidding me. Each squad on patrol has 7 deputies plus a Cpl and Sgt. Then you have to deal with people being out sick, taking a personal day, in training, and now furlough time. So any given day you can figure one or two people out. That leaves 7 to 8 people to cover the entire county. If you have a domestic, that's 2 officers to go to that. If you have a burglar alarm, that's 2 officers to go to that. Then when you have the shootings, stabbings, or robberies there goes all your deputies on that side of the county. Then you figured if someone has to make an arrest, they get tied up at the jail for a while depending on how busy it is up there. That doesn't leave very many deputies holding down the fort. So yes, there is a need for more deputies. The city may be getting bigger but that doesn't mean that the crime in the county is dropping. If anything, more deputies would be nice to help prevent the crimes from happening. The deputies and the sheriffs department do a wonderful job for this county, but more help for them would be nice. Like the other person said, go sign up to do a ride along and see if you really think then that there are too many deputies now.


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