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So run for sheriff

Since you obviously know so much about how to run a police department, you should run for sheriff. That way, the officers will be subject to every public whim, and can use the news stations as their unbiased evaluation tool! It is a good thing you are here to gauge the quality of the "swat wannabes" based on your first hand experience. If you want to offer such a caustic opinion of a group of people, you should do your research first, and not let the media think for you. Being a part of emergency services, I work with the patrol deputies and "swat wannabes" regularly. I am continually impressed with their level of training and professionalism, and I am happy that they do not have your attitude, because I have to trust them with my life. You can agree or disagree with what the sheriff does as a matter of policy, but please do not insult the hard working men and women who risk their lives daily for your safety, especially based on a situation you know nothing about.


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