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Not qualified for a better Job

Well there it is .... a lot of our law enforcement officers become officers because they are not qualified to do anything else, or even our Sheriff. I'm not saying all, but a lot of them. I read these postings and can not believe how naive some of you people are, always blindly defending them just because of there job. Just because someone is wearing a uniform, that does not mean it came with an IQ or morality. It only means that they passed the course. Truth is, the job also attracts a lot of bullies, and bigots, you know the type, Rednecks with a badge and a gun. Again, I am not saying all ... but New Hanover County has it's share of of this element in both the brown sheriff's office uniforms and the blue police uniforms. I just thank God that there are a few really good officers in both departments, and hope that they don't ever wavier in their integrity because of peer pressure.


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