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I agree, for the most part....

We DO need a new leader in the department. However, I don't think any organization will ever be totally free from political infighting and partisanship. I have to disagree with you about the helicopter. In my opinion, it paid for itself a few weeks ago. A young woman called 911 on a frigid Saturday night and stated that she lived "somewhere" off of Murrayville Road. She said that she had gone out into her back yard to retrieve her dog that she had let out earlier, and she wound up walking into the woods behind her home. She became lost and disoriented. The area that she was in is HEAVILY forested, and several deputies and EMS were dispatched to locate her. SO1, the helicopter, was also utilized. It is my firm belief that the young woman was found as quickly as she was because the helicopter was able to spot her from above and then guide those of us on the ground to her. In my opinion, the helicopter helped prevent that call from becoming a recovery of a body. Now I don't know about you, but I am NOT willing to put a price tag on anyone's life. I thank god we had the helicopter that night.


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