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You need help, Marilyn G.

You need help. Seek treatment, please...SOON. First of all, your spelling and your grammar are ATROCIOUS. It is very difficult to take you seriously at all when it does not appear that you have a firm grasp of English. Second, I'll agree with you on ONE point you raised. I too am NO fan of Sid Causey. I don't like him, did not vote for him, and cannot wait for him to leave. Third, your statement about "being petrafied of being shot down/murdered in my own home" ('s PETRIFIED, not petrafied" is ludicrous. Try to think of that situation for just a moment from the deputy's point of view. The deputies KNEW before they got there that this young man had weapons in the home, particularly GUNS. The deputies ALSO knew that this young man was NO altar boy...he had quite an eventful criminal past AND had bragged of his disdain for law enforcement officials. If that deputy had been your spouse...your child...your friend, even - would you still believe that he did not have a right to defend himself from what he TRULY believed was a life or death situation? If it was me or anyone I knew, I'd DEFINITELY want my loved one protected. If it comes down to the choice of whether or not that disrespectful criminal or my loved goes home to their family that night, I'm voting for my loved one EVERY SINGLE TIME. Unless you are a cold-hearted toad, I bet you would too. Also...are you serious??!? You think that you can finally go to your door at night without fearing that someone - ANYONE - will shoot you down/murder you in your own home??!? Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. What the hell kind of fairy land do YOU live in? ONLY law enforcement officials make you fear being shot and/or murdered? Yes, I've heard the argument that Peyton had a family too, and that they loved him, miss him, and are angry and hurt that he is gone. My heart really does go out to them. HOWEVER...he chose to act OUTSIDE OF THE LAW. He chose to believe and behave that he was above the law! Had that not been the case, would ANY of this have happened? Nope. The deputies were there because of Peyton's criminal actions. The deputies knew that he was armed, and they knew that he had no respect for law whatsoever. We as a society ask our law enforcement to do things that the rest of us do not want to do. Because of that, I cut them WAY MORE SLACK than ANY criminal. This truly is an instance where walking in someone else's shoes is the ONLY way to truly understand what happened. Go for a ride-along with ANY local law enforcement agency. Make sure you request the REALLY high traffic times for criminal activity. Sign up for a bar closing on a weekend night with WPD or the NHC Sheriff's Deptartment, preferably a Saturday. Ride along and listen as the officers and deputies are asked to respond to endless calls for help...see for yourself how thinly they are stretched. You can't help but walk away from something like that with a better understanding of what it feels like to find yourself face-to-face with someone who is armed to fight you and has made it known that they have no problems whatsoever with shooting YOU. Go on even a few of the calls like that and find yourself DESPERATELY hoping that your backup unit arrives SOON. That feeling stays with you long after that call is over. As a result, even though you might someday find yourself preparing to make entry with your fellow team members alongside, your first instinct to defend yourself and those with you FIRST AND FOREMOST will undoubtedly be at the forefront. Fourth, your claim that the deputies are all in on the "good ole boy" system is utterly ridiculous. Unlike you, I've WATCHED Sid's deputies in action. I've been on ride-alongs, and I've seen how they treat citizens. I've even seen them deal with people that they know and like on a personal level, and I can honestly tell you that from my own experience as an observer that they treat everyone the same. THAT takes solid moral fiber. I have witnessed on more than one occasion when deputies had to arrest people they have known for YEARS. Difficult to do, wouldn't you say? But to all of their credit, none of the deputies shirked their duties by letting a buddy of theirs go just because they knew them. In closing, let me add...if any of what I've typed here offends you, too bad. Get over it. Free speech in a free society means that I have the right to say what I think, and it also means that you have the right to ignore what I say. So yeah, SERIOUSLY, seek professional help IMMEDIATELY because you are definitely delusional.


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