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Gun ownership makes you dangerous?

What are you saying? If you own a gun you are dangerous? You serious? You mean to tell me law enforcement officers should approach individuals differently because you suspect they may OWN a gun? Sir I work in the rural area of another county and nearly every single house I walk up to has a gun or two tucked away somewhere inside. Eleven year olds have shotguns in their closets. So according to you I need to have ERT back me up to serve a warrant? I've been to countless front doors, banging away to serve warrants ranging from felony assaults to serious charges of strong armed robbery. Probation officers knock on doors all the time to find an absconderer without riot gear and automatic shoulder weapons. Peyton Strickland's juvenile record is sealed, he had no convictions. So in your head NHS and UNCWPD assumed it was dangerous and that gave them the authority to go in heavily armed. And to you it is perfectly OK for a kevlar covered trained point man looking right at a kid that seconds before was seen using this video game controller "weapon" to play a golf game on the tv in the open front window had every right to shoot through the door and into the head of Strickland because he flinched for a second in fear? Whose to say Chris Long should have never been at the door because of some drug problem? Whose to say that UNCW and members of the NHSO didn't intentionally kill this kid because of poor training? Intentionally, that's right I said it, ask Chris Long if he mean to kill Strickland or not. As any of the ERT guys is killing was an option in the game plan.


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