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Learn to read...that's not what I said

You really need to learn a little more about reading comprehension. I didn't say just owning a gun made people dangerous. What gave LEO and the ERT a reason for being there is a compilation of things. First, the type of crime that initially occured. Secondly, the pictures on the internet (not of Peyton, but of one of the other suspects - it's all about association). Thirdly, Peyton was charged previously with another type of physical abuse. Fourth, there was known to be drugs or drug use at that house and according to the Supreme Court, where there is drug use you can expect weapons. Fifth, Peyton did have a gun in the house. Do you need more reasons why the ERT team showed up? If you do, I serously doubt that you are in LE. Now, you say LEO saw Strickland playing a golf game on the playstation just before LEO entered the house. Well, that is news to me. NEVER has anyone reported that happening. If you are a LEO like you say you are, then you would know you only have seconds to react. The ERT team came to the door, knocked serveral times with no answer, the door is knocked open and there is a kid standing there was a black object in his hands. Should Long have shot? It's easy to sit back and so no, but if you are the one whose life was in jeapordy that decision isn't so easy to make. One last thing...every department does things differently. In NHC, the ERT team serves warrants. That is why they were there. Most big cities have a warrant squad that serves ALL warrants.


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