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There is no draft in the US.

There is no draft in the US. This woman enlisted of her own free will. She signed a contract. She knew the stipulations. She knew about recall. How many parents over in Iraq and other parts of the world wish they could just stomp their feet and get sent back home? Whether or not she wants to go to Iraq, no matter what her political views about the war are, she AGREED with her name on a contract to serve her country for a determined period of time. The military has a saying. If you needed a wife(husband) and kids, we would have issued them to you. I know people who have joined the service because they could not find other employment, for the free healthcare for family members with illness, for the educational benefits, I know one Marine who joined so he and his wife could have the children they wanted to have on the government dime, I have talked to people who had committed petty crimes and been given the choice of prison or the military. None of these people ever imagined when they joined that they would end up in a war. The closest we have had to a war was the first Gulf War and that was a joke. This is just further proof that you should not be in the military unless you are truly dedicated to what joining it stands for. And that means deciding before you join, not several years later.


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