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I know this is old and i did

I know this is old and i did read it several years ago and have been unable to get it out of my mind. Jasper may remember me if he can get someone to read this to him. I saved his life back in the early 90's. Myself and a group of friends were fishing and swimming at a local rock quarry and Jasper showed up. I did not like him but after he stole my little sisters bike i hated him and i knew in my heart he would bring NO good to the world. When jasper decided to get into the water i knew there could be a problem. You probably guessed it, He couldn't swim. This water was like at least 12 to 15' deep. With jasper clinging to a rock he suddenly lost his grip and was surely going to drown. I thought what a service this would be to the world and was then overcome with the feeling that it was not my choice. I saved his life that day and for that i am truly sorry. Letting him live eats me now as bad as the thought of letting him die at the time. His brother might have been different if i had just let him die. I will carry this quilt with me forever


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