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I am the Father of the children Shane molested. He did this unspeakable act along with his sister Ellen Phillips who is my ex-wife. They both pled guilty to these crimes. Her second husband Steve Phillips pled guilty to aiding felony child abuse because he knew what was going on but did nothing to stop it. Jasper says his brother was a "great guy", how great can a child molester be? Many people came out at the time of his death and posted what a great guy he was, I guess there are alot of people who think what he did was ok or at least it seems that way. Shane and Jasper Holloway both have extensive criminal records and both are convicted felons. The proof of this can be found on the NC DOC website. Personally I can see how Betty felt threatened and could have thought her life was in danger. I'm sorry she and her family must go through this pain because of this animal. Many more agree with my view on this matter and I hope you will post your thoughts on this subject. That whole family is a bunch of filthy, nasty, worthless, animals and Shane got exactally what he deserved to bad it was at Betty's expense. I'm sure someone will post how great Shane was but public record and anyone who has ever had any contact with him or his family knows what he is and they are still.


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