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I Like what you said

Your are right they are nothing at all just a low life bunch of trailer trash who deserve everything that comes to them. Do you really think Jasper would pay child support when he could use that money for drugs. That's pretty funny. Betty got the shaft in this deal and I hope they let her go soon with the help she needs, because after being connected with that family she will need it. They all made the mistake of crossing me and my family and their sister lost her children forever and her and Shane are convicted sex offenders for molesting my children. People think they are so big and bad because they talk big and run their mouths but as you said they are nothing special. You see when decent people stand up to trash like them there is no way they can ever come out on top. My wife and I have raised our two oldest children to be productive citizens my oldest son is now doing Federal Law Enforcement with the United States Coast Guard and our daughter will graduate from high school next year and go off to college, which is something none of them could ever do. Our third child will be an even bigger force in this world. No one should be afraid of the Holloway's because none of their crap can stand up in the light of day. Anyone who thinks this family has any power wake up, take off the blinders and realize what liers,criminals,cheats, and scum they really are. Call their bluff and they will crawl back under a flat rock where they belong.


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