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Facebook was recently scrutinized for trying to change its privacy settings. Although it was not implemented, the company wanted control over user's personal information, even after accounts were closed. Now, the site is a common target for hackers. With more than 175 million users, Facebook currently takes the throne as king of the social-networking scene. Other social sites like may not be as popular, but they may be a safer bet. The social network site prides itself on strict privacy settings. The six-year old has more than 12.5 million members. It aims to keep online relationships real by using the six-degrees-of-separation approach. Before you can publish anything on the site, you specify exactly who you want to see it. You can choose the entire World Wide Web or just certain individuals. Often times we forget who our hundreds of so called "friends" on other sites are. identifies people by our specific relation to the person like "my cousin's friend Mary". It's geared toward family-friendly media sharing, like pictures from a family vacation instead of shots of bar-hopping. The company says it is the only social network that offers permanent media storage. For twenty dollars a year, you can back up all your videos and photos in high resolution. Multiply also offers photo-finishing where you can print photos and turn them into gifts.

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