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Hmmmm.... your logic, ANYONE that dies on video is fair game when it comes to whether or not the public should view it. The pedifile that tapes himself murdering a child...the Somalians who desecrated the corpse of our American soldier in Somalia...all fair game and thus acceptable to you.... You sicken me. I don't claim that it disgraced Officer Matthews to show the footage. I DO, however, claim that it was utterly tasteless and unnecessary to demand it for viewing and then air it. Did watching it change ANY fact about what we know happened that horrific night? No. We saw him responding to another officer's call for help. We saw him swerve...we saw his vehicle cross the median, and we saw his vehicle in the tree...does ANY of that make him less dead and therefore make this event less tragic? Exactly WHAT was gained by watching it?? I beg to differ with your claim that the video footage did not focus on the negative. IT SHOWED EVERY SECOND LEADING UP TO AND INCLUDING HIS DEATH. How in the name of God is that NOT negative??!? Regarding your stupid comments that another poster in this forum dishonored a good man's memory and legacy...I truly do not understand where you are coming from. Being outraged over something THIS private being FORCIBLY made THIS public is NOT the same thing as dishonoring Officer Matthews' legacy and memory. A sense of outrage over this footage being demanded and aired is about the media going WAY the heck too far for nothing more than ratings. Why? Again...NOTHING new was learned by this footage being aired. Yeah, I'll agree with you that public records are just that: Public. However, just because you CAN do something does NOT mean you SHOULD do it.


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