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What the hell does that have

What the hell does that have to do with the situation at hand. God bless WWAY, how bout god bless you madam. God bless the united states? God bless the creation of the easy-bake oven for serving me such great bowl movements. This video is sick, would you have liked to see the murders of your family members aired for everyone to see? Hm? If that happened, then you might begin to see where these fellow officers are coming from. God bless the people who have given there lives to make things safe for all of us. They are part of the only profession that suffers bigotry on a daily basis just because of there uniform. Most are former military and have fought for our COUNTRY and you GOD GIVEN right to express yourself. I say we all get together and find a way to stop the airing of this video and help give closer to another family just like yours. I'm not a cop, just a man that appreciates the fact that without them and their selfless community services, we would be in anarchy and much, MUCH worse. Protect the order, treat them as what they are, human.


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