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This has nothing to do

This has nothing to do with public property or the public has a right to know... the news companies that persued this video are also very good at writing! So write about it to your hearts content for all i care, no one is saying you can't tell the public what happened. However, forcing people to release a video such as this one is definitely crossing the line. I know everyone here wouldn't want to watch their own family be killed over and over on television or on the internet. No amount of editing is going to make the release of this video "OK" either. Further more, this video (with how it is edited) has completely lost its necessity as an "Explanation for the Public" (if the public even has a right to an explanation), because the only parts of the video that are displayed, could be easily expressed through a text article. I personally am disappointed with the moral values of our society as a whole if I am hearing comments like "The public has a right to know" and "This is public property!". You need to mind your own business!... Where were these you when Officer Matthews was racing his way to respond to a call? I didn't see you on this video, out of your homes at 1 am on a Wednesday morning protecting the community! Every single one of you needs to think about that!


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