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Set an Example!

What everyones missing here is the obvious. The CONVICTED CRIMINAL should be punished to the full extent of the law! This needs to be done to set an example, if you break the law you will be punished and if during breaking the law someone accidently dies you will pay for it as well. He knew that continuing to run would possibly get someone killed! The unfortunate part is that the life that was lost was actually an upstanding citizen in the community. Now we, the TAX PAYING citizens will have to pay to prove this CONVICTED CRIMINAL is guilty. Now think if the CONVICTED CRIMINAL would have gotten killed during this chase... No money needed for a court case to prove a CRIMINAL is a CRIMINAL (again) and we would have one less CRIMINAL off the streets (actually there were three CONVICTED CRIMINALS in this car) of Wilmington and no one would be complaining about TV3 posting the video. All of our problems would be served. Now if we could just get back public hanging for taking someone elses life I think the crime rate would go down even more!


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