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100 MPH?

I am all for getting as much rift raft off our streets as the next person but once I saw that officer Matthews was traveling 100mph I have to say that he is the most responsible party for the tragic events that happened that evening. I have been racing cars for the last 15 years, and am also an instructor at weekend high performance driving schools. At these closed track events it is very common to see speeds in excess of 100mph, and I have as much experience as anybody with the potential perils at these speeds. That being said there is absolutely no place within Wilmington city limits that is safe for those speeds. I don't care if you are a Police Officer responding to a back call or a somebody without a license driving drunk on your motorcycle at 2am in the morning on Eastwood rd. Not only was officer Matthews putting his life at risk going that speed in such a densely populated area he was also greatly compromising the safety of the public at large. If you question this then just ask yourself how you felt when you first heard about the story I referenced above about the kid on the motorcycle that hit the cab and then reverse the roles.


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