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DA's Comment

The DA's comment was, (paraphrasing) "We are going to send a strong message, If you get in a high speed chase and that chase ends in the death a police officer in any way, you will be charged with murder." So if an innocent civilian dies, that is not murder? You have to wonder, is the severity only because this was a police oficer? Most likely the answer is... Yes. The intent of malice was not there, however the involuntary action that caused the death was. Had a civilian been killed it would have been involunrary manslaughter however since it is a leo it is murder 2. I'd just be happy if any idiot running from leo who caused a fatality was charged with murder 2. But this goes to show the umbrella of the leo will always be stronger than the citizens they protect.... And whomever said that the suspect was not speeding? That is incorrect. The suspect reahced speeds of 102 mph. He deserves to rot in jail for he irresponsibility. I don't like it when I am pulled over by law enforcement, but if I am lit up by a leo, I am going to pull over.. But wait... I don't cary illegal narcotics in my vehicle either.... Yep... Let em rot..


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