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Worst Grand Jury Ever

I do not care what prior arrests the suspect has or what his intentions were when he fled from arrest. The poor judgment of an officer who was unable to control his car at high speeds led to his death. It was an accident. Here is a scenario for everyone who thinks this man is guilty of murder. A cop pulls you over. For whatever reason he suspects you are armed and calls for immediate assistance. An officer racing to the scene swerves to avoid running over something in the road and crashes his car. That officer dies. Are you to blame? No matter what the reason for pulling someone over that officer was ALSO endangering the lives of others by driving recklessly. Call him a hero for what he did leading up to that fateful day. But also call him careless and thank God he did not kill someone else. I am not saying a policeman does not deserve the protection of other officers but he does have to exercise discretion when behind the wheel of a car. If Anthony Pierce had no rap sheet would anyone be having this discussion?


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