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Wow, Pierce was doing up to

Wow, Pierce was doing up to 102 miles per hour, running stop signs, all the while throwing boxes of pot out the window. And he didn't wreck? Must be some driver. What were the other people in the car doing, nothing? If he had turned around and run Matthews off the road or hit him with his vehicle, that would fit the charge. What if there was no box in the road and he wrecked? Would you still say it was murder? Pursuit of a suspect does not give the police a free pass to drive recklessly, run traffic lights, etc. and they can be charged if they cause an accident during a pursuit. I realize every one is out for blood but not one poster on here calling for a murder charge would like it if they were charged for a crime they did not commit. It isn't a matter of defending this guy for anything. It's a matter of personal responsibility. His public defender will probably plead him out anyway. He probably won't end up with any more time than he would for just the charges he should have and the DA will get his political victory.


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