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No similar outrage BECAUSE....

There is no similar outrage because you're comparing apples to oranges. Law enforcement officers have to face all kinds of life-threatening situations whenever they are on duty. Try to think of it like this, if you will: I can easily put out a burning cigarette by simply running water on it...and though I'd be extinguishing a flame, could you call me a firefighter? Are you outraged that our men and women in the armed services have killed people during acts of war? I'm not. If someone is willing to attack an ARMED OFFICER or give them solid reason to believe an attack is imminent, do you really think they would have any problem whatsoever coming after you or me? Our law enforcement officials are asked to do so much for all of us, up to and sometimes including sacrificing their own lives. Unless you're a cop, I doubt very seriously that your job requires the same thing from you. Even when it comes to fire or EMS response, LEO's are FREQUENTLY called in to go into a situation and clear it as "safe" for fire and EMS to proceed in. Again, unless you're a cop, you really have no concept of what it's like to be on one side of a door, preparing to face someone on the other side who is a KNOWN criminal that is KNOWN to be armed. Put yourself in that person's shoes for just a moment: You honestly believe that what is on the other side of that door could very well be the difference between you going home to your loved ones at the end of your shift OR your Sergeant going to your home to advise your loved ones that you have died as a result of performing your job. If I was that officer, I too would do what I had to in order to ensure that I go to my home that night instead of to the morgue. Bottom line on your example: If Peyton had been a law abiding citizen who understood that society has rules that MUST be adhered to in order to avoid negative consequences, NONE of that would have happened. Because of the magnitude of what our officers and deputies face each time they are on duty, I'm MORE than willing to give them some leeway because they are doing a job that I believe is necessary and because they are doing a job that I KNOW I am not cut out for. Thank God there are those who will try to maintain law and order in our society. Do YOU really want chaos and anarchy? Regarding your comment that there are never consequences whenever an LEO runs afoul.... SERIOUSLY??!? You DO know that the deputy no longer works at the Sheriff's Department as a result of the Peyton crap, right? And the officer accused of fondling a woman no longer works for WPD, nor do two other officers accused of using their service weapons in an altercation that occurred when both were not on duty and not performing in any official capacity for the city. On a more poignant and painful level...yes, Officer Matthews was speeding. Do you REALLY believe Officer Matthews got off scott free that night? NO, he did not, and neither should the thugs responsible for putting him in that situation in the first place.


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