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My family has a private

My family has a private road. There is no city, county, or state mainentance, and no enforcement of any issues on it. Since two miles of the road is a desolate and wooded area, it has become very attractive to partying teens and also what I suspect are drug dealers. When the authorities responded to our calls, we were told that as a private road, it is private property and while they could tell anyone to leave that they found there when responding to a call, any prosecutions would be for trespassing and would have to be undertaken by us through warrants from the magistrates. As a privately owned road, we were responsible for posting it as such. If there are speeders on a certain road that is a public road, then it is city, county, or state maintained then it is the responsibility of the authorities to patrol it. The same rules do not apply if it is a private road. My question is how is this both a public and a private road. If you think there is no distinction, have an auto accident in a private parking lot and see how many hours the state trooper and responding city cop argue before one will agree to write the accident report.


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