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Recycling Site Closes

When I found out the site was closing, I was/still am furious! Those of us who have children are setting up the world for them to grow in. Do we really want the people of tomorrow to grow up in a land fill? Plus with 2 Environmental Businesses right across the street, what example are we creating for our children? Let just say our family has been trying to get curbside recycling in our neighborhood for a while now, and we live just behind the Murryville's Lowes Foods. So this Recycling Center has helped everyone is our area. The new apt complex just opened last year, did it not? (If I remb. correctly) Wouldn't it have made more since to spend less $ putting up a fence then moving the recycling containers to a completely different area? The less the county offers recycling, the more people are going to resort to using the trash. I thought society was all about "GOING GREEN" What happened to that? Is it all of a sudden "not in style" anymore? People need to their heads on straight, we don't accommodate the masses to the few, the county needs to realize that the lack there of will resort in more complaints than the willing to try for the few who do complain, for the recycling is more efficent. Plus everyone knows the ones complaining about the debris aren't the ones out there picking it up. Now’s when we thank the few in the county who still believe in voluntary community service.


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