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BACKGROUND CHECKS ON VOLUNTEERS ARE MUCH NEEDED School officials and the school community as well as legislators must stand up and fix this nationwide problem. School volunteers with a history of molestation slipping through the cracks. For those of you who think that background checks of school volunteers are not nescessary, read this story and see if it changes your opinion The Volunteer had a documented history of sexual molestion in Texas Shortly after this school volunteer moved from Texas to Kansas, the school district in Kansas gave him access to students through school athletic programs for over 10 years. When allegations were made in Kansas during 2002, a criminal trial ensued to which 1989 prior bad acts were admitted as evidence. The school officials continued to support the volunteer even in light of his admission to touching young boys in 1989. The website listed above has newspaper articles as well as a criminal trial transcript in which the School Wrestling coach stated under oath Q Okay. Would you have felt the same way if you had known at the time that Johnny Aubrey had admitted to the Chief of Police in Borger, Texas, that he had put on rubber gloves and taken some lotion and masturbated a young man? MR. SWANSON: Object as speculation.\ THE COURT: Overruled. A (By Mr. Thomas Scott) My basic philosophy is everybody deserves a second chance. And with what I observed, I would have no problem with what Mr. Aubrey was doing. Q (By Mr. Shellenberger) Okay. Even if coupled with the fact that he was taking kids alone to his house for baths? A There again, I would have no problem with it. Q Okay. Thank you, sir. This line of questioning is unbelievable and it explains why this type of thing continues to happen all accross the nation. ...... To most, it is not important until it affects your child or grandchild.


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