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You are exactly right. Why

You are exactly right. Why is the log missing? Luckily the crack pipes were retrieved from a box thrown in the corner marked for disposal. Why was the man in charge of evidence not in the court room - although subpeonaed - he was on vacation. When your fellow officer is under this kind of scrutiny, and you are the one who could straighten it out with one phone call stating that you think you are the one who threw out the evidence because it was so small, why would you conveniently be on vacation? Why did officers at Southport, when questioned on the stand not know about the chain of custody. Because evidence is stuck in a slot for the evidence person to log later. Yes James should have insisted on a receipt for all evidence. Little did he know that when evidence came into question and he needed the support of his superiors they would say to him "you need to look out for yourself" you have no family referring to his fiance and her two children. He is a young officer, working at a small town department who doesn't have the proper equipment needed to weigh or measure evidence on the side of the road, nor do they always follow the rules. It's a shame his family is going to struggle and lose what little they have while he sits in jail for thirty days. To suggest he used the crack is obsurd. It was a sliver that was swipe tested on the side of the road and bagged in an evidence bag. This was witnessed by more than one - although one gave testimony to back the department that it was consumed in testing and there was none presented to the evidence person. Does no one find any of this strang. OH NO - WHO ARE WE GOING TO LET TAKE THE FALL FOR THIS??? The officer that makes the most arrests. Why if we have no drug arrests then we don't have a drug problem in southport.


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