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Before I comment fully....

What exactly is your point? Please clarify, and please do so before I comment fully on what I suspect you are getting at. Are you saying you want Wrightsville Beach to pay for this instead of the Wilmington Fire Department? If so, you DO realize that more than just Wrightsville Beach residents own property that rests against the intracoastal waterway, correct? (Let me just point out that EVERYTHING WEST of Wrightsville Beach, including Landfall, Mayfaire, etc., lies within the CITY OF WILMINGTON limits.) And let me ask you to further want the money spent ONLY for a dock (something already noted CLEARLY in the article where it discusses the PIER to be built) and NOT for another fire station to house firefighters that are on duty for 24 HOURS AT A TIME, correct? God knows we would not want those on duty, especially in such demanding jobs as PUTTING OUT FIRES AND RESCUING PEOPLE, to get any rest while they work 24 HOURS AT A TIME.


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