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Not Needed

A few articles up from this is discussing city cut backs because of low funds. And here we are busting $60,000 (which will end up being about double after all the "problems" with building) on something that is entirely not needed?! House a boat at the Fire Department on Wrightsville beach (I'm sure they'll work with us close Wilmington neighbors) and reserve a spot at the Wildlife Ramp for emergency vehicle parking (ok now I'm making the boaters mad I know.. The parking is limited there) for when random and totally infrequent time of FIRE emergencies comes up. I realize that there are emergencies all the time on the water. But as stated by a previous comment we have plenty of water patrol right now able to deal with these cases. I just think that by the time that all this money is wasted on something like this we could have saved about 3 jobs for the county.


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