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Not another one

Well, I see we have yet another fine and upstanding citizen who complains about being harassed by law enforcement officials. You people crack me up. I work with local law enforcement. I've done my job for a number of years now. I'm quite familiar with ALL traffic received by county, city, and beach agencies. Because of this, I can assure you that they do NOT stop "every boater they can get their hands on." I think what you REALLY need to be thinking about is why YOU are getting stopped as much as you say you are. Despite what you think of local law enforcement, it is a fact that they cannot stop someone without probable cause. To do so would open themselves and their agencies to litigation. What is it that you're doing that draws the constant attention you claim to receive from law enforcement officials? Ever hear the phrase about the squeaky wheel getting the grease? Law enforcement has no need to be in contact with you unless you're doing something that is illegal, criminal, could harm yourself, or could harm others. Grow up. I for one will take you up on your threat to avoid the area completely.


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