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State Budget--Education Cuts

I recently retired from the school system. The systems have too many "assistant superintendents" that make over $75,000 and up a year. They are not hurt by the budget cuts, but the teacher assistants that barely make $20,000 are the ones cut. And they are the ones that do most of the work with our children. The teachers rely on the assistants, but the teachers get the raises. We need to cut the Asst. Supers in the systems, and make the Superintendents earn their paychecks. There are too many Chiefs in ALL the county school central offices and not enough Indians where they are needed. Once the title "assistant superintendent" is added to a job title, the pay hike and increased benefits are astronomical!! If we got rid of the higher ups who do less and less and earn more and more, then there would be funding for the lower people in the system. Granted there are a few that really earn their pay, and I commend those. But from what I have seen firsthand, being in the system for more than 12 years, the majority sit on their rears and let everyone else do the work but they earn more on raises, supplements, and everything else. They are not going to cut their own paychecks no matter what it takes. And, sadly, our children are going to be the ones to suffer as we decrease the staff in their schools. Wake up, Perdue!! Stand UP for the little man in education and quit helping the higher ups! It's the little man who helped put you where you are today. And the laws you implement today, you will have to live with once your term has ended, so think about's your grandchildren who have the most to lose with this state budget. And why all of a sudden does it have to be balanced? What happened in years past when it didn't balance? Where is all the lottery funding going? Cut out all the Medicaid on those who refuse to work and keep on having the kids so they can get a bigger check when they live better than I do and drive a nicer car and dress in the finest!! It's my tax dollars paying for them and I want a say in how they are being used!! AND another thing: How can you raise taxes on things such as gasoline that we all need to live, when so many of us are out of work and can barely make ends meet??? It's like adding more salt to the wound, why keep taxing when we can't pay the taxes now? You can't get blood out of a turnip but you sure do keep trying...people are going to have to be able to buy food and clothing and heat their homes this winter and if you keep going up on the taxes, there will be more wanting assistance because they cannot afford the's a never ending cycle and it needs to be stopped!!


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